Top 10 Features of New iPhone iOS 5 Release Date

Top 10 Features of New iPhone iOS 5 Release Date

Apple iOS 5 Release date is confirmed on 12 October 2011. All of new version of their products, like iPhone 4s, will have this new iOS 5 pre-loaded. For all old customers, you could download and upgrade your iOS from iTunes on that date at Midnight.

There are many features offered by this new iOS 5, you will get 200 new features. Below are some of the new and great features of Apple iOS5:

Admist rumors of new operating system, Apple has cleared the air by launching new and revamped apple iPhone iOS 5. The operating system is expected to hit the devices by fall of 2011 and will support their new offering, iCloud platform too. iOS5 has better multitasking and usability options have always been on the prime agenda as far as Apple is concerned.

The new Apple iOS 5 platform offers high degree of social integration and is enriched with quick to tap on-screen feature enablement too. However, in order to better instigate the features of the new iOS 5 the following pointers can offer a quick picture to one and all.

Top 10 Features of iPhone iOS 5

1. The new iOS5 platform has Twitter integration with camera and gallery. It will allow the users in sharing their image tweets on the fly without any hassles at all.
2. Comprehensive notifications management will be enabled in iOS 5. Similar, to Android a central notification repository will be provided to the end users. Making you to Quick and Easy Access the notifications.
3. Newsstand will be an added featured enabled on the iOS5 platform which will act as one stop shop for managing news subscriptions.
4. Safari Reader for iOS5 will be another added functionality in the browser that will cut all ads and flash content on pages. It will present only the core text to the end users who are bothered about the cluttering graphics all around. Now come with clean and beautiful interface.
5. Image cropping, red eye reduction and a camera button on the lock screen have also been enabled on the new iOS 5 from Apple.
6. The agenda of this iOS 5 release date is to make updates wirelessly available. End users need not tether their device with PC or Mac for sustaining updates. These’d be available on air once the user upgrades their OS to iOS 5.
7. iMessage would be another smarter utility feature of iOS 5 that will enable a user to send free messages to other iOS users for free of cost
8. iOS5 will support iCloud service from apple, allowing users to store and access data wirelessly across all owned iOS devices and synchronize it too.
9. Split keyboard will also be enabled on the new iOS 5, allowing better usability of the device.
10. Better multitasking features have been embedded in the operating system and as a result the end users would cherish using multiple apps at the same time with just about no delays. Enhanced threading conceptualization has led to the remarkable delivery of the supreme design on the go in this iOS5.

Another features of APple iOS 5:

+ New Lifestyle Apps: make your life easier now.
+ Overhauled Apps: get new look of Mail and Calendar
+ Camera Upgrade: 2 Clicks only from Home screen to access the camera.
+ Game Center: Now, You could upload pics and find friends you know.
+ Parental Controls; Safe your iPhone from Kids :).
+ Device Independence: You don’t need to use cords to connect to your computer ever again with iCloud.

iOS 5 Release date on 12 October 2011

Read all details about iOS 5 Features Here. Just stay tune to the iOS 5 Release date on 12 oct 2011 at Midnight, and start to download and upgrade to the New iOS5.

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