Guess ‘Em for iPod Touch

Did you love the board game “Guess Who?” when you were a kid? In that classic board game you were given a large playing board filled with different faces and images of different characters. One person tries to guess what character another player has up by asking questions. “Do they have glasses?” may be the question and “No” may be the answer. Then the guesser flips down all of their characters wearing glasses – because it’s none of those! Once the guesser guesses correctly, they win! Okay, enough with the recap on childhood board games. We only brought you that so that we could bring you this – the Guess ‘Em app for the iPod Touch. Because it works exactly the same way.

You’ll be given several images on your iPod Touch and another player will have to guess which one you’ve chosen. There is a catch, and it is that you need to be able to play with someone else, which means that you need a friend who also has an iPhone or an iPod Touch (but honestly, who doesn’t have one today?) Once you’ve guessed and gotten it wrong, just tap on the screen and the characters will go away!

Well okay, there’s one other catch that comes with this game – but you don’t have to get it. That catch is the combo packs. The combo packs are the different faces and characters that you’ll receive, but they do cost money and according to some pretty nasty reviews in iTunes, those combo packs are quite expensive. There are many available though so if you get tired of looking at the faces that come with the one free combo pack this app gives you, you might want to check out the others. But other than the combo packs, people really can’t seem to get enough of this app! It’s cute, it’s fun, and it’s a piece of childhood memorabilia – get it by downloading it from iTunes here.

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