Skype; Free iPod Touch app review

Skype is a free application that has been around for a number of years and has recently made its way to the mobile devices. There is now a native Skype app for the iPod Touch and iPhone devices available free of charge from the app store and it offers much of the functionality of Skype on your iPod Touch device.

Skype basically offers you the ability to call people free of charge on your iPod Touch device which is a great feature as you are unable to make calls at all usually on the iPod Touch. You will need a headphone set with a built in microphone to be able to do this properly however. One of the great things about the Skype app is that you are able to do it over 3G and Wi-Fi, meaning that it can be used anywhere on the iPhone and anywhere there is a Wi-Fi network on the iPod Touch device.

The app is designed extremely well and anyone that is familiar with the user interface of Skype on the PC will be able to use it instantly. You can sign in to your account as usual and the call quality is exceptional. It also allows you to send free instant messages with Skype’s built in instant messaging software. This is a nice addition to the app. On the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S devices, you can use the front facing camera to make calls too. This is the same for the latest iPod Touch.

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