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The Friendly for Facebook app seems to be somewhat confusing. It looks like Facebook, and it feels like Facebook, so why isn’t it just called the Facebook app? And, doesn’t the App Store already have a Facebook app anyway? I’m not really too sure what the difference is between the Friendly for Facebook app and the regular Facebook app but this app does tout itself as being the ‘greatest Facebook app for the iPad.’ So, maybe it’s only available for the iPad? It seems that the developers may not have been clear enough in the description of their own app.

What they didn’t do with description though, they made up for with the way this Facebook app runs. You can of course, view your news feed and update your profile on the go, and you can view photos in full screen mode. You can also chat with any of your friends that are online, and can switch between multiple Facebook accounts quickly and easily.

If you haven’t yet downloaded a Facebook app to your iPad, then this one certainly seems to be a good, with the ability to use your Facebook account just like you would expect to. And, if you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch, you can also try to download the app for free. We’re not making any promises, due to the non-description, but you can certainly try here at iTunes!

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