Eye Illusions for iPod Touch

Do you love looking at optical illusions? Or pieces of art that you see is actually something, not just abstract curves and straight lines – once you’ve looked at it for a little while. The Eye Illusions app for the iPod Touch gives you all of these and tons of just plain cool stuff to look at!

When you open the app, you’ll be given a choice of whether you want to see illusions that are doing with weird lines, or motion illusions. The “Weird Lines” category will give you picture after picture of just that. Sometimes these weird lines are fashioned so that they look like they’re moving, or so that you can see something such as a face or shape after you’ve looked at it for a little while. The “Motion Illusions” category will, true to its name, bring you illusion after illusion of pictures that seem to be moving.

Along the top of the screen on the Home page, you’ll have even more options. Along the top are tabs listed as “Video”, which will show you some pretty cool video containing an optical illusion; an email option in case you come across something you want to share; a “Popular” tab so you can see what people are viewing most, and a “Favorite” tab for when you find something you really like and want to have easy access to it later.

This is one of those apps that has a free trial version and then an option to upgrade to the full version. We feel that there’s enough in the free version to keep you going. So download it from iTunes here and then upgrade for $1.99 if you like it!

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