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10 Best iPad Games

The iPad is awesome, no doubt about it. But it can do much more than just give you your apps and be the coolest e-book reader on the market – you can play games on it too! And, with the supersize screen and all the awesome features, playing games has never been as cool as it is on the iPad. And so, here’s our list of what we think are the best 10 iPad games.

Angry Birds – This game can be played on the iPhone too, but the iPad’s version looks better, and you don’t have to worry about zooming out so much (or at all!) to see the entire play area!

Cogs – In this game, you can be an inventor, or just a puzzle solver! Repair a machine, or create one all of your own!

Flight Control – Be your own air traffic controller! Land several different planes, and make sure they’re safe to advance rounds and continue on playing!

Geometry Wars – This is a build-on of the Xbox Live game that was such a smashing success. And even if you’ve never heard of this game, you need to download it just to check out the awesome thumb controls!

Mirror’s Edge – Check out all of the new environments that are available in this iPad version of Mirror’s Edge as well as the new side view you’ll enjoy!

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Ocean Blue – Ever wanted to scuba dive? This app will let you! Ever wanted to expand your own virtual scuba diving experience? Download this app, hook up two iPads, and scuba dive in the same underwater environment as your friends!

Real Racing – There has been no racing game ever like Real Racing for the iPad. ‘Nuff said.

Scrabble – This version of Scrabble for the iPad shows why sometimes, you don’t need ¬†high-tech graphics and ultra feature-loaded apps. You just need to go back to a game that made you love gaming so much in the first place!

Tetris for iPad – Yet another classic! Who doesn’t love fitting blocks in and around each other in the classic game of Tetris?

Top Gun – Yes, you heard right. You the student will be guided through flight school by completing assignments and taking on tasks that are doled out by Maverick and Iceman. And, when you’ve had enough of the work and need some play, find the volleyball game that’s hidden inside this game!

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