How to Delete Photos from Your iPod Touch

We’ve covered the topics of adding pictures to your iPod Touch, and recovering deleted photos from your iPod Touch, but how can you simply delete photos from your iPod Touch? This may seem like iPod 101 to many of you but, for those who have just received that coveted gadget, it does seem pretty tricky. The problem is that, as with so many other things related to the iPod Touch, you can’t delete photos straight from your Touch. Just like you can’t delete music, add music, or create a playlist. You can pretty much go by the general rule of thumb that when it comes to music and photos, if you want to get the job done, you have to go right into iTunes and do it yourself.

The same is true for deleting photos from your iPod Touch. Although you can’t do it with a few simple taps on your screen, you can go into iTunes and start deleting them manually. Just plug in your iPod Touch to your computer and open up iTunes, if it doesn’t open up automatically. Then, where you see your device listed on the left-hand side under “Device”, click on it. You’ll then see tabs along the top that have all the information your iPod Touch stores. Go into “Music”, “Videos”, or “Photos” to reorganize them, add some, or delete them.

Beware that if you have a lot of photos on your iPod Touch, this can be an arduous task as it requires you to manually check every photo off that you don’t want on your iPod Touch. But when you’re finished, you just have to give it the ol’ “Sync” and the unwanted photos should be wiped free from your iPod Touch.

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