Apple iPod Nano to get Camera and Games

The Apple iPod is one of the most successful products of all time and since it was originally released many years ago, it has undergone a variety of transformations. Since it has been released, there have been many different versions of the iPod pout on the market by Apple including the iPod Touch and of course, the iPod Nano. Now, it is rumoured that the next generation of the iPod Nano will get a range of new features including a camera as well as games.

The rumour comes after a photo of the iPod Nano was leaked on the internet earlier this week which showed a rear facing camera on the iPod. Many believed that this could just have been a Photoshop image but now, a patent which was filed in 2009 by Apple has been brought to the surface and suggests that the photo could have been real. The patent describes adding new features to the iPod Nano including a camera to increase its functionality and games. Although the patent doesn’t directly refer to the iPod Nano, the image in the patent clearly shows that it is referring to the iPod Nano device.

The patent also suggests that games will be a big part of the new iPod Nano design and that it will also have a motion sensor, temperature gauge and even a microphone. Many believe that playing games on such a small screen would not be that beneficial however.

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