Google Goggles Coming Soon for iPhone!

iPhone users will soon have reason to hover over their phones for hours at a time, playing with a really cool app. The app is the Google Goggles app that’s soon to come out for the iPhone, and will be part of the Google Mobile App. The new feature of the app will allow you to find out just about anything you want about the things that are closest to you.

The app works with you first taking a picture of a landmark, building, or anything else that you want to know a little bit more about, and the app will simply look at the picture and bring up all the information you’ll ever need about it. You can even take a picture of something as simple as a DVD cover, and it will bring up all the information about that piece for you! Very cool indeed, for those that love to be in the know, and love a cool way to stay there even more!

The Google Goggles app will only be available to those with an iPhone 4 or an iPhone 3GS with the new iOS 4.0 running on it. This sounds unfair at first, but it’s because the app needs an auto-focusing camera to work. No word yet (that we can find anyway) about whether the app will work with the new iPod Touch 4. But because the iPod Touch has the same camera that the iPhone 4 does, it would make sense that the app would also work with the newest Touch.

The app is available right within the Google Mobile app so if you already have it, you’ll have Google Goggles when you download the new update.

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