Touch Pets Dogs

Do you love furry, cuddly animals? Do you have your own dog at home that you love to play with and care for? Now you can do it all even when you’re not at home to have the real thing! And if you have kids who are bugging you for a pet, but you’re adamant against having one – this might just be a good substitute! It’s the Touch Pets Dogs app, and it will bring you all of the fun of owning a real dog, and a little bit of the love too!

In this game you get to choose from five different locations to play with your dog. So whether you want to take it to the park, or you want to play in the comfort of your own living room you can. And you can not only care for your pet, but you can also take your dog over to your friends’ houses so that you can let the pets play together, and earn coins too! When you get home, watch your dog have tons of fun searching through the furniture in your home searching for buried treasure!

There are different things that you can buy within the app but if you just want a cute, free app then this one still comes with a lot of cool stuff and will give you all the fun you’re looking for. Start playing with your pet by downloading the app from iTunes here.

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