Puzzler World US for iPhone

We bring you all kinds of very cool apps, and we consider puzzle apps to be among the best. And when we first saw the Puzzler World US app for the iPhone, we thought it was going to be one of the best ones yet. With tons of popular puzzles such as Sudoku, Crossword, WordSearch, Fitword, Codeword, and Spot the Difference; not to mention all of the bonus games like Hangman, Missing Piece, and Jigsaw. What’s not to love, right? Well until this app gets a whole lot of improvement, there’s actually very little to love about this app.

We were slightly turned off from this app as soon as we saw that it wasn’t free and at $2.99, it better be a pretty good app. After all, there are tons of good free puzzle apps out there. Still, it just might be worth it so we explored further. Turns out there are lots of games in this app, but you only get a trial version of each. After that, you’ll be charged as much as $3.99 per bonus pack. Most users, not surprisingly, complain about these prices in the iTunes reviews, but some say that the bonus packs do keep you busy for days. Still, do you want to be spending $10+ a week on any app, let alone one that you paid almost 3 bucks for to start with?

This app simply doesn’t seem to offer enough to be worth the $2.99 and to be honest, we don’t even think we’d recommend it if this game was offered free. It needs many more levels and much more gameplay opportunity before we can suggest you clutter your iPhone screen with this app. If you still want to give it a try, and you’re feeling rich, you can download the app from iTunes here.

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