Us Weekly App for iPod Touch

If you love to keep up on the latest celebrity gossip and need to know what Katy Perry or John Mayer are doing at a moment’s notice, then you’ve got to download the Us Weekly app for the iPod Touch. This app works just like the Us Weekly website, with all the latest news and gossip that you would expect, but it puts it all into a user-friendly interface for the iPod Touch and gives you many different ways to search within the app and get all that news that you crave!

When you first open the app, you’ll be given a list of headlines so that you can quickly scan them and see which ones are of the most interest to you. When you find that one, just tap on it and it will pop up in just a second. Below this list, there are different icons displaying the different areas within the app that you can explore. These areas include photos, archives, and searching by a celebrity’s name. Of course like any good news app, this one will also send you push notifications whenever there’s a new headline that  you must see!

You can also contact Us directly right through the app. So if you want to play reporter and send in your own story, or just want to let Us know about what celebrity, or what kind of news you’d like to hear more about, you can tell them quickly and easily. Before you do any of that though, you’ll need to download the app here – which you can do for free!

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