Epicurious App for the iPod Touch

The Epicurious website is one that foodies and big eaters alike have been in love with for years now. This website doesn’t only house a huge collection of millions of recipes, but also lots of cooking tips and articles, video how-tos, the most delicious images of finished dishes that you’ll find anywhere on the Web, a whole community of people who love food and love to talk about it, and more! The editor of Epicurious has even been featured on big shows such as Hell’s Kitchen quite frequently, giving the website even more exposure and making them even more popular. And now, you can take it wherever you go with the Epicurious app for the iPod Touch.

This app is definitely one of the best recipe apps that are out there, even if only because it comes under the name “Epicurious.” The recipes come from a world of different sources including celebrity chefs, cookbooks, reader’s submissions, and world-renowned recipe magazines. And, you can search them all quickly and easily with well-laid out categories and search fields that will take you right to the recipe that you’re trying to find.

Of course, this app comes with all the standard features that you would expect in any good recipe app. You’ll be able to save recipes, as well as add items to your shopping list so you can always make sure that you never come up short when you’re about to make that recipe you’ve been waiting to try.

Usually the best thing about free apps is that they’re well, free. But we have to veto that factor as being the best on this one. The best thing about this app is simply that it comes from Epicurious. Download the delicious app here!

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