Apple iPhone 3G makes YouTube Videos fun!

The iPhone 3G has some wonderful features in it and there are lots of applications that are developed by iPhone Apps Store as well as other third parties. But there are very few video player apps for iPhone 3G. Yet one can enjoy some wonderful videos in it thanks to the default iPhone player that is loaded with some features that also include application to watch videos via YouTube. With the iPhone you can also watch and enjoy YouTube videos just by slight tap of your finger. You don’t need to download the application of watching YouTube videos because it is already loaded in it and you just need to search in it your favorite videos that you usually do in a PC or Laptop.

Watching YouTube videos is an easy task in iPhone 3G. Here is the simple way that can enable you to watch YouTube videos on your iPhone and search YouTube Videos. The first thing that you have to do is locate the YouTube icon on the home screen of you iPhone and then just tap your finger on the icon to open it.

The home page of YouTube opens with some list of music, videos and other popular videos. If you wish to search your favorite videos, you have to invoke the search field on the search located at the bottom of the screen of the Phone. Then with the help of the virtual keyboard you type the name of the video for instance you wish to see ‘Black and White.’ After that you tap with your finger on the search field to open the keyboard and key in your search term and then hit the search button to view the video library.

Large number of videos of that name and song will be displayed and you just tap on the video icon to watch it to make sure to tilt the iPhone horizontally since videos can be viewed in a better wide mode.

To enjoy YouTube videos in a better way you can tweak the video configurations through YouTube’s standard video controls. These controls include volume button, pause button, share button to share and mail the YouTube URL To your friend. Besides that there is additional Bookmark button on the control panel where by tapping on it you will be able to save your favorite ones by bookmarking them and view them later on.

Thus watching YouTube on iPhone 3G is as simple as that!

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  1. That’s good information: Om said I don’t need to download the application of watching YouTube videos because it is already loaded in it. I might if I had more time.

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