How to Find the Serial Number on Your iPod Touch

So your iPod Touch has broken in some shape or form, and you need to contact Apple in order to get it repaired. One of the first things any Apple representative is going to ask you is your iPod Touch serial number. As you sit there dumbstruck, needing to answer the one question you don’t know the answer to, you may begin to panic. How are you ever going to get service when you don’t know your own serial number? Well, not to worry. It’s very easy to find the serial number on your iPod Touch and you can do it just as quick as you’re going to need to!

There are a few places you can look to get the serial number from your iPod Touch. These are: in iTunes, the back of your Touch, the About screen on your iPod, or on the packaging and receipt of your iPod Touch. Of course, for the latter two, simply keep the packaging or receipt from your iPod Touch and you’ll be able to find it there. But, when you’re on the phone with customer support and you need that number at your fingertips, this may not be the handiest option.

You can also find your serial number in iTunes. Connect your iPod Touch to your computer and open iTunes. On the left-hand side, you’ll find “Devices.” Click on that and then click on “Summary.” The serial number of your iPod Touch will be found here. But still, that could take some time. Fortunately, if you have your iPod handy, you can find it right on the device. Start by going to wherever the “Settings” icon is on your Home screen. Tap on it and then choose “General” and then “About.” Your iPod’s serial number will be located here as well. But, want the simplest solution of them all?

Turn your iPod Touch over. Look at the bottom of the metal case and voila! There’s your serial number! Handy, quick, and easy!

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