Jailbreak iPod Touch with 2.0 Update

Jailbreak iPod Touch. iPod are initially locked at the time of purchase and either they need to be registered or it needs to be unlocked. Unlocking of iPod with any means of unauthorized mechanism or by hacking is known as jailbreak. Jailbroken iPod touch gives its user an advantage of using a 3rd party software or an application on his / her iPod. There are various methods of jailbreak iPod Touch with 2.0 update available over the internet. One can use the software or the hardware methods to jailbreak iPod Touch with 2.0 update.

The various web sites that provide jailbreak iPod Touch with 2.0 update have come with their own methods which are very easy and can be followed by any user of iPod Touch. Few of the web sites offering jailbreak iPod Touch with 2.0 update are:
jailbreak your iPod from iPodTouchFans.com
Simple Help to Jailbreak your iPod Touch
– Easy to Jailbreak ipod with 2.0 Update
– and Jailbreak ipod touch with 2 Gui version etc.

Here are the steps that can be followed in order to jailbreak iPod Touch with 2.0 Update. The first and the initial thing a person needs to do is to connect his / her iPod Touch to a computer through USB cable. Then until and unless a disconnecting sound is heard, power and home buttons should not be released. After the sound is heard, power button is released still pressing the home button and that too until and unless another disconnecting sound is heard. Then light on the iPod Touch screen would be there and if it asks to connect to iTunes, it means that one has reached to the restore mode for jailbreak iPod Touch with 2.0 Update. If it doesn’t ask for the connection to iTunes in that case DFU mode has been reached and jailbreak can be done. So just follow the above mentioned steps and have fun with your iPod Touch.

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