How to Reformat iPod Touch?

How to Reformat iPod Touch?

If your iPod is showing some uncanny errors and is somehow damaged, you can think to format it. But don’t worry, formatting will not stop functioning the device anyway as you may be thinking. Instead, your iPod will become a brand new one with the factory settings reinstalled. Formatting is easy and does not take much time. You can reformat ipod touch by two methods, follow the procedures carefully –

Steps to Reformat iPod Touch

Connect the iPod with your PC with a USB cable. Then synchronize it with iTunes. Go to the desktop of your PC and right click on the ‘My Computer’ icon and select ‘Manage’. Then select ‘Disk Management’ under the heading ‘Storage’. It may take some time to show all the options under it depending upon the hardware configuration of your PC. Then select the iPod, right click over it and choose ‘Format’. Once the formatting process is complete, disintegrate the iPod by stopping the device from the system tray ‘USB Mass storage device’ icon. Then start ‘iPod Updater’ from the ‘All Programs’ menu. Reconnect the iPod with the USB cable. Click on the restore button to make the formatting process completed. Now you can use your iPod just like you have purchased from the store.

Check this another method to reformat ipod touch: this way, without the hard formatting process, you will be able to restore the factory settings of your iPod. First you have to connect the iPod with your PC through a USB cable and synchronize it with iTunes. Then open the iPod management screen by clicking its icon. You can found that on the left side of the iTunes window. Then click on the tab marked as ‘Summary’. If your iPod management console is not updated for long, click on the ‘Check for Update’ button and update it from internet. Then click on the button marked as ‘Restore’ on the iPod management console. You will find this just below the ‘Check for Update’ button. Select ‘Yes’ when iTunes asks for confirmation for restoration of iPod. Follow the instructions provided by iTunes. Lastly, finalize the restoration by selection the synchronization settings. Your iPod is reformatted again.

Both methods above are still using iTunes to reformat your ipod touch. You could share here if you have better way to reformat ipod touch without itunes.

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  1. I reformatted my Ipod >> alrealy plugged in >> connected to Itunes >> i took the cable off, because my Ipod was taking too long to reformat (didn’t know what i was doing) >> now all i can see on the screen is the icon that usually pop ups when it is _loding_ >> 5 or more minutes had already passed >> back of the Ipod slightly ‘hot'(just now.Screen facing downwards). Please help me fix it.

  2. If you want to format your itouch//phone delete everything from it?

    1.Connect your iPod to computer, doesn’t matter if iTunes recognise it.
    2.Make sure your iPod is at home screen.
    3.Hold down both the home button and power button at once and ignore all things that happens like that “Slide to Power Off” thing.
    4.Even when the iTouch switches off, continue holding those two buttons.
    5.When the Apple Logo appears, release the power button but keep on holding the home button.
    6.After a while, the iTunes and USB thing should appear and iTunes should pop up and tell you to restore.

  3. Okay so i formatted my Ipod touch WITHOUT connecting it to itunes and now all it gives me is a picture of a USB plugin with and arrow pointing up to itunes. But when I plug it into itunes, nothing happens. Did my ipod touch lock up or what? Help please?

  4. new computer running windows 7 have loaded itunes but it doesn’t regconize my itouch itunes will load my nano and shuffle…have uninstalled itunes and re installed itunes is running

    1. first u have plug your ipod into your pc open itunes and enter you id and password of itunes and it will open your ipod

  5. I replaced my “mobileinstallation.framework” file with a !UT file and it just wouldnt turn on. All that appears is the apple icon. I tried rebooting it and everything but it wouldn’t help. can someone help me please?

  6. I hacked my ipod touch to get third party apps, and when i synced it with itunes and updated to 1.1.4, everything was deleted and my ipod went on the fritz. When you hit the music, video, or itunes button, a white screen will appear for a few seconds then disappear.

    When I plug the ipod into my computer now, the computer now recognizes it as a camera and opens adobe photoshop!

    In the about section in settings, the ipod says there is nothing on it yet 7.3GB are used with only 2.4GB left.

    I’ve tried all that I know how to do to fix it and I need help!

  7. ok so i forgot my password for my ipod touch, and i canot access it anymore. is there a way to competely format it to standard use? just so ican at leastuse it again?

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