Can You Really Get an iPod Touch for Free?

There are many advertisements that come along in your inbox, or in the form of a popup when you’re browsing the Web, claiming that just by clicking on a link, you could win a free iPod Touch. So, are these advertisements true, or simply too good to be? Unfortunately, most of these advertisements aren’t legitimate and are scams to get your email address or other personal information so that they can then bombard you with advertisements for many years to come. But, there is a way that you can get a free iPod Touch, but it will come at a cost.

No, there is no actual fee involved with this method of trying to get a free iPod Touch. But, there is some time involved and, the value of your referral. Start by going to the website: Your iPod Touch 4 Free. Here you can register, which only involves giving your email address. After you register, you can then start working on earning your free iPod Touch. The website works in one of two ways. You can either use it to be sent to participating sponsors and advertisers. Once sent on to them, you may have to click on a link, fill out a small form, or be asked to do something else small and participatory. In exchange for this, you’ll earn points. Earn a certain number of points, and you’ll get your free iPod Touch.

If you don’t want to spend countless hours browsing through different advertisements and spending time on those websites, then you can use the website’s referral program. This program still requires you to do a small amount of visiting advertisers and sponsors, but much less than strictly using that program. The other part of this program relies on referrals. Tell people about the website and have them sign up on your referral, and you’ll get credit for that. After a certain number of referrals, you’ll get your free iPod Touch.

There are ways to get your free iPod Touch, but that doesn’t mean that it comes at no cost. You will have to put in a fair amount of time and a little bit of work. But at the end of it all, yes – you can get an iPod Touch for absolutely no money out of pocket!

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