How to get an application for iPod touch without iTunes

An application for your iPod touch without iTunes is already here!

Have the complete potential of your iPod Touch and bid farewell to iTunes software. And have your iPod touch application whenever and anywhere you would like. It is easy to promptly install application by tapping your finger for your iTouch device. Download, install and of course operate application on your own iPod touch in a few minutes.

Listed here are the other methods to come with an application without having iTunes.

To Jailbreak or Not to Jailbreak


Many reasons exist to jailbreak, one of which is the capacity to get iPod touch application without iTunes. It very achievable to browse and load the application you need onto your iPod touch without using iTunes and even putting music on you iPod touch. There many of application available and is for free from a big name developers. Many of these application are cannot find in iTunes but you can definitely have them without iTunes.

In getting an application for iPod touch has two techniques. First, it requires with utilizing a computer to move the downloaded files to your jailbroken iPod touch. Second, this allows downloading and installing directly to the iPod touch using a jailbroken application. iPod touch must be jailbroken as to have this without itunes and computer.

Using installous


Installous is probably the great program that can be use in order to get an iPod touch application. This was released from the most popular “”, it allows the users to have an wonderful application without itunes and making use of of computer. This installous are available on Cydia. Which is the typical application that jailbroken device have. Cydia can be used to download an application but there are more huge varieties of selection with the installous.

OPEN CYDIA. You can find cydia in the home screen of your iPod touch. This application has a brown box icon with a small brown box in the center.

TAP THE MESSAGE PORTION. In the Cydia application, select and tap the “Manage” on the bottom row then tap the sources.

SELECT ADD SOURCE. You have to tap the “Edit” icon in the upper right of the screen and tap “add” immediately. Then a new window will show up compelling you for a URL.

ENTER THE REPO. You are now able to input the following Cydia repo without any quotes in it. Like “”. After that tap add source.

FIND FOR INSTALLOUS. From your bottom bar in Cydia, you are going to tap the “search”. Then input “installous” and the listing of packages will show up.

INSTALL INSTALLOUS. To have the package installed. Tap the its name and select “Modify” in the upper right corner of the screen. Then following the new menu appears, tap the “install”. And enable the program continue installing it. You could possibly wait for a minutes. And you will surely use installous to have iPod touch apps without using iTunes.

BACK TO THE HOME SCREEN. Pressing the home button on your iPod touch will return you to home screen.

How to use Installous

Utilizing an installous is quite amazing tool for downloading and installing Ipod Touch application without using iTunes. Now you already have installous in your iPod touch, here are the listed steps on how to use it.

OPEN INSTALLOUS. From the home screen you can find the installous icon. All you have to do is to tap it and installous will launched or open.

SELECTING APPLICATION TO DOWNLOAD. Pick an application by tapping it and this will open to a new window.

SELECT THE DOWNLOAD APPLICATION. In the screen, tap the download tab
DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION. You should tap one of the sources listed on the iTouch application without itunes. This require about a minutes and can depend on the size of the application as well as the power of connectivity.

INSTALL THE APPLICATION. If the download is already done. Intallous will instantly install the application. All you need to do is to watch for it to finish.

BACK TO HOME SCREEN. Pressing the home button will let quit to the home screen. The application must appear to the iPod touch. And this how it works when you get an application without iTunes.

You are able to do it again the steps if it is needed to have plenty of application to your iPod touch without iTunes. But you will discover things which you have to remember that getting an application that is copyrighted content without paying it is illegal. There are various applications that suitable for your iPod touch that can be installed without iTunes and also to get an iPod touch application without iTunes is best to connect in a WiFi in comparison with 3G or Edge- the connection may take for a while.

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