There May be a New Way to Turn Your iPod Touch into an iPhone

New Way Turn Your iPod Touch into an iPhone

Sure, you could whip on some headphones, search out your nearest Wi-Fi hotspot, and then use Skype to turn your iPod Touch into an iPhone. But surely there’s got to be an easier way, isn’t there? Now, there is. Or there might be. If the rumors are true, this newest way to turn your Touch into an iPhone will be out as soon as this coming week. And, all it will require from you is that you pop in a SIM card. And oh yeah, you’ll probably need to jailbreak your iPod Touch too. All of this will be due to the Apple Peel 520, a gadget that may be available due to Yosion Technologies.

This newest iPod Touch gadget will let you talk on your iPod Touch just like it was an iPhone, and the Apple Peel 520 will not just be a cradle for your iPhone, it will also work as a battery pack, giving you 4.5 hours of talk time and 120 hours of battery power when the phone, er, we mean Touch, is in standby mode. And of course, you’ll be able to text too with no additional apps necessary.

So how much will this new iPod Touch gadget cost? Just like everything else with this new Apple Peel 520 gadget, it’s all rumor at the moment but it’s said that it will likely cost somewhere from $44 – $74. It’s a bargain for something that could transform the way people use a device they already own, but first we must see if this speculation is even something that will turn into reality. There are no product websites for the device, and there’s very little being said about it on Yosion’s part. But, with videos such as this one and such a soon release date, you would think that these rumors might have a grain of truth to them.

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  1. No what the post is saying is
    You can take your iPod Touch and attach that gadget and TURN it INTO an iPhone giving you the ability to make voice calls and send text messages
    But thats most likely the extent of it
    i dont see how they could get internet to work on an iTouch with an adapter like that

  2. So let me get this straight , i can buy an ipod touch for 200-300 dollars, jailbreak it , install some apps , buy another 70 dollar device to use skype or similar program on it, which costs money to use . So i imagine 10 dollars minimum a month for the chat ability so long as you have wi-fi.


    you can buy an iphone 4 for 200-300 dollars , jailbreak it , install some apps and pay 45 bucks a month for the most basic plan, and have the ability to use the iphone as your internet.

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