How Much Space do You Have Left on Your iPod Touch?

We all know when we first buy that shiny little silver device, that the iPod Touch has a lot of memory. From 8 GB, to 32, to 64, and even the elusive 16 GB which can no longer even be bought, they all have adequate memory to have plenty of fun! But consider that every time you download a song, an app, a podcast, video, or any other file, you are putting strain on that memory and depleting it even more. And that’s fine when you have plenty of it.But for those who have already seen the insufficient memory message, it can come at a bad time, leaving you to wade through files prioritizing them, and deleting some to make up space. But all of this can be prevented by simply knowing how much space is left on your iPod Touch. And how can you do that?

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If you can hook up your iPod Touch to your computer, then you can easily find out how much space you have available on your Touch. Open iTunes and click on the left-hand side where it says “Device.” Once you’re inside your Device, click on the “Summary” tab and look at the bottom of the screen. There should be an orange and blue bar graph there that indicates how much space is being used, and how much you have left on your iPod Touch.

You can also find out how much space you have on your iPod Touch directly on the device itself. Find the “Settings” icon on your Home screen and click on “About.” The amount of space you’re using as well as the amount of space you have available will also be listed here. It’s a good idea to check pretty regularly so you can use the iPod Touch just as it was meant to be used – putting anything on it whenever you want!

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