Google Mobile App for the iPhone

You can pretty much think of the Google Mobile app for the iPhone as the awesomeness that is soon to be your iPhone, once you’ve downloaded it. It can search pretty much anything for you, including the Internet, your contacts, and your email. And not only will it perform these searches at lightning fast speed, it will also let you search in innovative ways that no other search bar on your phone will.

When you’re looking for that specific piece of information that was emailed to you, just use the app to search your latest emails. And when you need to search your contacts, of course this app will do that for you too. While you’re searching you can either key in the words of what you’re searching for, or you can simply use the voice activation feature on this app to search that way. If you choose to type it out, this app’s auto-suggest function will pull up words for you that you may be typing, keeping you from having to type the enter word or phrase out. Once you’ve searched for something, that search will also be kept in your recent history. So if you’re often looking up the same thing over and over again, the app will remember that for you. You can also enter your default “My Location” only one time and use that whenever searching for local businesses nearby; another timesaver that comes with this app.

Of course, the Google Mobile app for the iPhone is linked to pretty much every iPhone application that you could use, and you can also do a search for links in the categories column. Here you can quickly and easily find links to shopping, pictures, and news.

There’s no doubt that when you need an app that’s just pure awesomeness, you need to get the Google Mobile app for the iPhone. Best of all, this app is free, and you can find out how to download it to your phone here.

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