Enhance experience of iPhone and iPod Touch with Google Earth!

The Google Earth for iPhone and iPod Touch is the mobile version of Google’s justly highly praised desktop application which is like the desktop based counterpart. The mobile version of this Google earth in your iPod Touch or iPhone offers you a bird’s eye and 3D view of the earth and any place you wish to see zooming via satellite photos, from LA to Tokyo to the backyard of your home. Since its debut for the Apple Phone version in the App Store the Google earth for Touch and iPhone has received wonderful reviews because the way it literally puts the whole world in your finger tips.

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The Google Earth is a wonderful version and one would like it for complete fun to go swooshing from one locale to another. The ability to search for nearby businesses can come in handy if you are stranger in a particular place. You will feel it fun to go searching for nearby places and popular spots in that place.

But on its transmission from desktop to iPhone the Google Earth has lost some of the functionality that makes it such a pleasure to use on the Mac. But anyhow the application of the Google Earth would do well just to match the functionality of the Maps app that come included with the iPhone or iPod Touch.

Single tapping on the Google Earth icon lets the app work properly and then you can type the location that you wish to have a look at. The Google Earth will find a current location in any time highlighting it with bright blue dots and then the standard touchscreen gestures will control your browsing. Double tapping the spot will zoom as it does in your double click in desktop or laptop. You just need to drag your finger in any direction and the Google Earth will follow!

The app of Google Earth orients itself based on how you are holding your mobile device and then turn the phone sideways for a horizontal view of the map. The app also takes advantage of the accelerometer by tilting the screen as you tilt your iPod Touch or iPhone. This is certainly a cool way of getting something than top down view of the area. Once you are fixed in a location you can search everything there by just typing the things you wish to know for instance ‘hotels’. Google Earth on your iPod Touch and iPhone will display all the hotels located in that place.

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