How to Reset Home Screen on the iPod Touch

Recently, Sherlyn wrote into us to ask about the icons on her iPod Touch Home screen. Sherlyn, like so many other iPod Touch users, had a problem with her icons. They suddenly went very big and she couldn’t figure out how to get them back to regular size again. The solution should be very simple, and is just a matter of resetting the Home screen. And can do it all from the Touch itself; you don’t even need to plug it into  your computer.

To do this, find the Settings icon on the Home screen and tap it. Once in Settings, tap General, and then tap Reset. Once you’re in the Reset settings, there are a number of things you can reset back to factory default settings, should you ever run into another problem where you simply need to get your iTouch back to the way it was. You can erase all the content on your Touch and all the settings, reset network settings, reset the dictionary for the keyboard, and reset location warnings. However, when it’s a problem with your icons that you want to fix, you’ll want to choose Reset Home Screen Layout.

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Once you do this, a warning dialogue box will appear prompting you again to “Reset Home Screen.” Tap on this and go back to your Home screen. Voila! You should see all of your icons back to norm, just the way you like them!