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We’ve already brought you some of the great iPad cases that are out there, but Case Crown has also released several lines of cases that are not only stylish, but will keep your iPad, ipad 2, and next apple ipad 3 fully protected, plus let you bring along a few extras for the ride in some cases. Here are some of our favorite Case Crown iPad Cases.

First up are the Air Cell Oadded Carrying Case. This ipad case is slim and sleek and has over 200 bubble pockets to keep your iPad safe and protected. These come in a briefcase style with an adjustable strap and are available for $34.83. You’ll also get to choose from a few different colors: blue, black, and pink.

And if you like the slim look but don’t want to carry around all those bubbles, there’s the Neoprene Case from Case Crown and the Neoprene Pocket Case. Both of these are lightweight, slim, have dual zippers for ultimate security and protection, and memory foam that will keep your iPad scratch and damage-free! Both of these are also available in pink, black, blue, and red. The only differences between the two are that the Neoprene Case costs $19.92, and the Neoprene Pocket Case costs $24.92. The price difference is due to the fact that the Neoprene Pocket Case, just like the name implies, has a pocket that will hold your iPad’s charger, cables, and anything else you want to bring along for the ride.

The iPad Suede Slip Case from Case Crown is a very professional looking case that is slim and has a beautiful faux suede design, and a front pocket to hold any extras. It also has an adjustable and removable shoulder strap and comes in black, fuchsia, blue, red, and grey. And it only costs $19.83.

Lastly, there’s the deluxe Vertical Multi Pocket Messenger Bag, which holds your iPad, laptop, and tons of other stuff! This one comes at $34.21.

You can’t go wrong choosing any one of these iPad cases! They’re available both on Case Crown’s website, and on Amazon.

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