The iPad Project in the United Kingdom

A multi cultural society

It seems that everyone in the world is living in Britain. Although the indigenous people might mourn about it, the reality is that this is not a country that is ever going back to being a single cultural entity. That means that if you have new technology such as the iPad, this is really the ideal place to check it out and see the impact on the lives of ordinary people. At the time when the developed world has decided that it is going to sustain endemic poverty in the developing world, it is important that immigrants are exposed to new technologies such as the iPad. This is because they can always go back and re-direct that knowledge to their home countries once it becomes apparent that there will be no change in the policies of the richer countries.

I know that many of the little Englanders will be furious about the need to share technology but that is the reality of our globalized village. We can no longer hide behind dead empires to impose our will. People travel as much as they like and modern technology such as the iPad is aiding this cause. We can either sit back and complain or get with the program and see how we might like to apply the new technology to our daily lives. I will then move to some of the practical ways in which the Apple iPad can transform the lives of people within the United Kingdom.

The application of the iPad technology

From a business point of view, the iPad allows people to work within remote locations and then connect to the main office when they need to. This means that the place of the traditional office is under threat. I would say that this level of flexible working is one of the great advantages of modern technology. Imagine when we have terrible weather conditions or the horrendous traffic jams that are part of modern life. If you could use the iPad to avoid the traffic jam, then it would be a mighty improvement on having to brave the weather every day.

I suppose that it was inevitable that people would immediately start thinking of the demise of the personal computer once it reached the peak of its effectiveness. The iPad is a hint of what is to come. Modern technology will be about compact effectiveness and environmental responsibility. If we can see the iPad as a prototype of what can be achieved then we are well on our way to making the transition from the old style computers. The democratization of technology means that the iPad will in all probability cover a very wide area of the globe despite the limiting effects of government intervention.

For all this application to take place, the general public will have to take ownership of the iPad and use it in their own unique way. This means that the technology becomes so embedded in the society that any developments in that technology are mirrored by developments in the society.

There is a rumor that ipad 3 release date would be announced soon after great success of iPad 2.

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