Apple Apps Store has more than 500,000 Apps

The Apple apps store is well known as the largest application store for mobile devices in the world and so far, there have been no other application stores that have even come close to being as large as the Apple app store. As you will know, there are hundreds of thousands of apps in the app store that you are able to download for both your iPad and iPhone device and now, the amount of apps is said to have topped 500,000.

It is said that Apple reached 500,000 apps in the app store in the recent weeks which has meant a massive growth of apps since April. In January 2011 there were only around 350,000+ apps which has meant that the app store has actually grown by 43% in just a few months. It is said that of all the apps in the app store, about 140,000 of them are iPad apps whilst the rest are for the iPhone and iPod Touch devices. This huge size of the app store obviously has many advantages for the users of the iPhone and iPad devices and the app store is also said to be growing by around 15,000 apps per month, that’s why now it reached 500,000+ apps there.

Apple Apps Store Milestones

Milestones of Apps in Apps Store:

DateAvailable appsDownloads to date
July 11, 2008500
July 14, 200880010,000,000
September 9, 20083,00055,000,000
October 22, 20087,500200,000,000
January 16, 200915,000500,000,000
March 17, 200925,000800,000,000
April 23, 200935,0001,000,000,000
June 8, 200950,0001,000,000,000+
July 11, 2009
July 14, 200965,0001,500,000,000
September 9, 200975,0001,800,000,000
September 28, 200985,0002,000,000,000
November 4, 2009100,0002,000,000,000+
January 5, 2010120,0003,000,000,000+
March 20, 2010150,000+3,000,000,000+
April 8, 2010185,000+4,000,000,000+
April 29, 2010200,000+4,500,000,000+
June 7, 2010225,000+5,000,000,000+
September 1, 2010250,000+6,500,000,000+
October 20, 2010300,000+7,000,000,000
Jan 22, 2011350,000+10,000,000,000+
June 6, 2011425,000+14,000,000,000+
July 7, 2011425,000+15,000,000,000+
October 4, 2011500,000+18,000,000,000+


Among the apps in the app store, the apps for the iPad are a little more expensive that the iPhone and iPod Touch apps as they average around $5. The apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch average just over $2.

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