Inception for the iPod Touch

The description for the Inception app in iTunes is a bit confusing, but that’s not very surprising seeing as how the whole movie is entirely made up of mayhem. But, the gist of it is that the app will let you experience the same kinds of things they do in the movie. Using only the external sounds around you and its own unique soundtrack, the app will transform your world into a dreamworld.

iTunes says that the app will completely transform the world around you just by using the sounds around you. So if you’re in a car traveling at 30mph, the app will take the sounds of the wind, the traffic, and the song on the radio, and completely change it into something else – something a little less real, and a little more fun.

For those that the app works for, it seems to work beautifully. Uses have even claimed that they were skeptical, because come on – how much can an app really transform the world around you – but were then amazed at how much the app really did change their environment, and how it seemed to do it so easily and effortlessly. Other users have claimed however, that the app tells you that it’s loading your dream, and then is left on the loading page with the loading sign spinning in circles.

If you want to try this app out on your iPod Touch, hopefully it loads without a problem, and you can see just how much your world can be transformed – all with an app and the sounds in your environment. To try it out, download it free from iTunes here.

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