Locking Your iPod Touch

Many people were surprised that when Apple introduced the iPod Touch that they had neglected to include a unique feature of the iPod Nano which was the ability to lock it. This security feature allowed users of the iPod to protect their iPod from being used by other people when they’re not around. And because the iPod Touch has so many other capabilities and let’s face it, is just cooler in general, people were scratching their heads as to why they couldn’t do this with their iPod Touch. But the truth is that you can lock your iPod Touch and the answer has been there the whole time!

To set up a password on your iPod Touch, you first need to go to the Settings icon on your Touch. It’s in there, under the General tab, that you’ll see an area where you can fill in a password. Of course, choose something that’s unique and that no one else will be able to guess, just from knowing you. Save your password in the Settings menu and every time your iPod Touch is opened, it will ask for your password. Enter it, and your Touch will open up and be able to do everything you need it to do!

Having a password on your iPod Touch can be a great way to keep it secure and out of hands that it shouldn’t be in. Especially considering that giving someone access to your iPod Touch gives them access to all of your contacts, your iTunes account, and all the other intricate details of your life. Taking the few seconds it requires to secure your iPod Touch with a password is sure to prove to be greatly worth it!

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