Create a Awesome Lock Screen app for iPod Touch

Forget the poor use of English (the name of the app should be ‘Create An Awesome Lock Screen’, the Create a Awesome Lock Screen app for the iPod Touch is one more way to customize your iPod Touch. The description of this app in iTunes is sketchy at best, and it’s kind of hard to get a real feel for the app by just reading it. Because of that if you want to try out this app, it’s best to just do what we did and download it, which you can do here. But before you do, there are some things that you should know about the app.

Let’s start with what the app does and how it works. It is simply a way to get that picture of the globe off your screen when it’s locked and exchange it with another picture that you like. That picture can be one of the many that are already built into the app or they can be a picture that you’ve saved on your iPod Touch. Whatever it is, the next time your screen goes into lock mode and you need to get into it, you’ll be looking at a customized lock screen. But you should know that you don’t really need an app to be able to do this. There are two other ways that you can set your wallpaper into something unique and customized to your iPhone.

One way to do it is to go into the Settings app and then choosing “Wallpaper.” This will set the background that will show when your iPod Touch is in auto lock mode. These are usually still generic wallpapers that won’t really make your iPod unique, but also won’t make it look like you just took it out of the box. If you want to customize your auto lock screen even more, you can do so by going into your Saved Photos. Open any photo up and you’ll be given a few choices. One of those choices is to set that particular picture as your wallpaper. This is a great – and free – way to customize your auto lock screen.

But if you do want to try out a cool app that will also let you do all of that, the Create A Awesome app is also free, so you’ve got nothing to lose either way.

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