Mirror In Your Pocket free for the iPod Touch

Now there’s an application that lets you clear more stuff out of your purse so that you’re not lugging around everything but the kitchen sink all the time. It’s the Mirror in Your Pocket app and it’s free for the iPod Touch. The app works just like you would think. You open it up, and it will transform itself into a mirror. So get rid of those compacts, and all those handheld mirrors that are really only good for collecting dust at the bottom of your purse and get the Mirror in Your Pocket app. And it’s free, so what have you got to lose?

The app does seem like it would be relatively simple to use and we think it probably is. But the developers have phrased it oddly by saying something about how you have to tilt the iPod Touch to catch the light so that your reflection appears on the screen. It all sounds kind of hokey, but the screenshots of the app on the developer’s page in iTunes all look pretty clear and without anyone having to maneuver their iPod Touch in weird ways.

Like we said, the app is free so why not clear out some of that clutter from your purse and download it from iTunes here.

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