Steam Draw for iPod Touch

iTunes is usually packed with fantastic apps that will organize your entire life for you, let you play mindless games for hours, and will do just about everything but deliver furniture to your house. But sometimes, there comes along an app that has gotten such bad reviews from so many people that we feel the need to tell you that it may not be worth your time. And the Steam Draw app is just such an app.

Steam Draw promises to bring you all the fun of drawing on a steamy mirror after a shower. Okay, it’s not that great an idea to start off with. But, the picture you’ll see in iTunes really is nothing like what you’ll actually get in the app, and you won’t feel at all as though you’re drawing on a steamy mirror. Unless your bathroom has a picturesque view of the Statue of Liberty, of course. Because that’s what just one of the ridiculous backgrounds is. And, users have also reported that the sounds are really bad too and that it actually sounds like “a man having a nervous breakdown.” Not really what you want when you’re drawing squiggly lines and rainbows, is it?

The best thing about this app really does just seem to be that it’s free. But don’t take our word for it. Or all those other users that have hated this app. Try it out yourself by downloading it from iTunes here. It is free, after all.

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