Easy Ways on How to Download Free iPod Touch Movies

How to Download Free iPod Touch Movies

Are you a movie watcher? Do you find enjoyment in watching movies alone or with some friends? If so, you may want to consider reading the rest of the article as it is about downloading free movies on your iPod Touch.

There are a couple of ways you can see movies any time you want to. You can use computers, either a desktop or a laptop, DVD players, or go to movie houses near you. However, watching movies right on your hand is really fascinating. Watching movies while on a trip is quite good because it can kill boredom.

One of the best ways to watch movies while you are on the road is with the use of your own iPod Touch. There are absolutely free ipod touch movies that you can watch and download directly from your device. If you wish to learn more tricks on how to download movies in legal ways, read more.

Before teaching you strategies about free iPod touch movie downloads, I will share some thoughts about the dangers of downloading free ipod touch movies from illegal sources. You need to know that lots of the movie files you can get from P2P clients and Torrent sites don’t have copyrights. If these don’t have copyrights, you will be entitled to copyright infringement. You might be summoned by the court if ever you will bee charged with this kind of issue.

If you want your life to be free from any worries, only download free iPod Touch movies from legal resources. Here are some ways on how you can achieve that goal to get ipod touch movies free.

Before downloading ipod touch movies, make it sure that your iPod touch is fully charged. The tendency of downloading movies having a low battery level will lead to interruption, which may eventually let you download the movie from the start.

Also, you need to be connected to the internet in downloading the movies.

Download Free iPod Touch Movies Via iTunes

The safest way in finding free iPod touch movie downloads is through iTunes.

Visit the iTunes store.

Once you are in the iTunes store, be sure to tap on the hyperlink stating “Free on iTunes.”

Movies or videos will be listed that will be sort accordingly.

Be sure that you download movies with the license from Creative Commons.

Get Free iPod Touch Movies Via Cydia

Cydia, an open source software, is really helpful to iPod Touch users.  With Cydia, various applications like themes, ringtones, games, etc.

Install Cydia first. Once installed, search for Mobile Theater.

Install Mobile Theater, be sure to cope with the system requirements prior to downloading the application.

Launch Mobile Theater and search for free movies.

Download or stream the movie you want to watch.

Choose movie files which are compatible to your iPod Touch.

If you don’t like Mobile Theater, try iMobileCinema, a flash plugin for Safari web browser.

Launch Cydia and tap Resources.

In the text box, enter the URL http://d.imobilecinema.com then select Add Source.

If you don’t like entering URL into the textbox, you can search the keyword iMobileCinema in the Search box at the bottom right of Cydia’s platform.

Once find, install the application.

Launch the Safari web browser once the installation is finished.

Search the movies you want to download.

Remember, select only those with licenses and have compatibility with your device.

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