Top Ten Free iPod Apps

Top 10 Free iPod Apps. In this world of diverse technological advancements, there are some who make it bigger than most in the market. The Apple iPod is in all possibilities the most successful of them all in the last few years and the applications on the iPod is just simply great. There are however a lot of free ipod apps available for those who own an iPod. And more importantly some of them are free of cost. There are a lot of programs or appended applications on the iPod that will not cost you a single penny, but there are a few that betters the rest of them all.

The top 10 free apps your iPod that comes without charges at all are Aurora Feint which is essentially a gaming application considered by many as possibly the best game available on the iPod Touch. It has certain characteristics of a puzzle game and others of an RPG. The game itself is a brilliant one, heavily ornamented and a fabulous musical background. Puzzle lovers should be hooked on to it instantly. Then at the second place you have the application Now Playing which is a very innovative and interesting technique which is available at no cost whatsoever and helps you stay connected to the world of art by providing you with the timings of the shows at theatres, the ratings received so that you do not go all over to the theatre and waste your time and instead deploy your time more wisely on a movie that is comparatively better.

The next item on the list of the best ten iPod Apps at zero cost value is the Twitterrific. A very simple yet brilliant application that helps you twit from your iPod touch anytime and keep your followers updated about your work and ideas. It is subtle and does exactly what is required. The next ipod touch application that makes a statement and enters the list is the Shakespeare. An extremely handy program that helps you get your fill of the books by William Shakespeare, this application is invaluable for anyone who loves his works or is trying to do the same. At a 2.8 memory capacity this application is a must for literature lovers. IGN Game Reviews enters the list of the most essential and handy ten programs that are appended to the iPod at free of cost. The reviews provide you with an update of what is happening in the world of cyber games. Whether you want to play it or not, you can decide for yourself before you download the game or even buy it. This will practically save you both time and money and will help you sort out, which game you want to play and which game you don’t. At only 0.4MB this game hasn’t lost its vintage touch (refer Tetris) and even provides you with a large platform to play and compete on a global basis. Restaurant Nutrition is again a very interesting survey application that helps you especially if you are on a diet and you need to know how much calories you are to consume when you hit any of the major eateries.

Units as expected made the cut and it again comes in very handy if you are to say convert a few years to the seconds unit. This application has come to everybody’s help at one time or the other. Those working in labs will be more than happy to use it. WordPress is another free ipod touch app that makes its way to the list. It is of special use for the bloggers to keep in touch with the social networking world. You can post, edit and do all the other stuff that you normally do, on the go. The last agenda or rather item on the list is the BookSearch which is an application dedicated to students and book lovers. Online books or e-books are a must to most and this application finds the book directly for you without much harassing you.

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