Finger Drums for the iPod Touch

Yesterday we brought you the finger drums! app for the iPod Touch and today, we bring you an app that’s of the some name, but is an entirely different experience. The Finger Drums app (notice the difference in name with the proper case letters and the lack of punctuation) is an app that has a few more features than finger drums! and it also holds a few more benefits over the simple, non-feature app that we told you about 24 hours ago.

Open Finger Drums up and you’re given three choices about what style of drums you want to play. These choices are: Hip Hop, Rock, or Dance. Although you’ll get the same drum choices in each option, they all have very different sounds so you can make sure that the beats you string together always sound exactly how you want them too. Another great thing about this app? It’s loud. It might not say it’s loud, but it’s loud enough that you can actually hear it while you’re playing. The developers do also take the time to mention that the volume is most effective when you use the app while wearing headphones. But we tried it without them and heard them just fine.

If you’re looking for a finger drum set for your iPod Touch, we recommend the Finger Drums app brought to you by On Beat Limited in favor of the finger drums! app from Indigo Penguin. Download the version from On Beat Limited from iTunes here.

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