Skee-Ball free for iPod Touch

If you love roaming arcades, amusement parks and boardwalks looking for a good game of Skee-Ball, you’ll love the new Skee-Ball app for the iPod Touch. The game brings you all of the classic Skee-Ball fun and makes  you feel as though you’re really right there at the fair throwing those balls up that ever so slightly steep ramp!

The game really couldn’t be more simple. When you open the app you’re faced with the Skee-Ball ramp and the famous rings with numbers displayed on them that indicate how many points that ring is worth. Just swipe your finger up the ramp and the ball will be thrown wherever you aim it. And aiming it can be a little tricky at first, but getting the hang of it is all part of the fun and is what helps make this game so incredibly addictive! Plus, there’s an extra little bonus in the game too. When a certain ring lights up, aim for that one and if you get it in, you win even more points and tickets.

And you’ll not only feel like you’re right at the fair due to the great graphics, and great fun, of this game. But you’ll also earn points and tickets along the way. When you get enough tickets, you can turn them in for great prizes like little toy flutes, vampire teeth, or any other little trinket toy that you would expect to win at an arcade after killing it at Skee-Ball.

Users have mostly given this app great reviews, and after playing it for ourselves we also have to say that it’s another great little app that we’re looking forward to wasting countless hours on. Some users have reported however, that they’ve had problems when playing the app, and that it’s crashed and frozen their iPod Touch. We found that the game ran very smoothly and we didn’t have any problems playing. If you want to check it out for yourself, you can download it from iTunes here.

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