Apple file patent for 3D technology

Apple is very well known as a company that is often coming up with new and innovative products that are well ahead of many other manufacturers. They have done this a lot of the time in the past with devices such as the iPod and the iPhone. The iPod is one of the most revolutionary devices that has been released in recent years and the new patent that has been filed by Apple looks as if they are going to be putting their finger into a whole new pie. Apple is thought to have filed and been granted a patent for some new 3D technology.

Apple is said to have filed for 17 different patents that have been granted with one of them being for new 3D technology that the company has developed. This technology that is included in the patent is well ahead of many other companies out there and it is thought that Apple could be using it in order to develop a range of 3D displays that will allow people to see 3D images and holograms without the need for 3D glasses.

The 3D glasses issue is a huge problem at the moment and it seems that with this new patent granted, Apple could be the first company to explore the advanced technology. This is certainly an exciting development for Apple and it is a development that could see some fantastic new technology being developed.

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