How to Set Up Remote Desktop for iPad

Do you know how to set up remote desktop?



Lite Remote Desktop (RDP) is a program designed for software developers who use MochaSoft the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. According MochaSoft, "Using the iPhone, you can connect to a Windows PC to work and see the files, programs and resources as though you are sitting at your desk, just on a small screen. Remote Desktop Lite is free and works with Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista and Windows 7


Setting up Windows

Click “Start” then “Control Panel”. Select “Performance and Maintenance” category or “System” category, if you’re in Windows Classic theme.


Click “System” then choose “Remote Settings” or “Remote” tab. Check “Allow users to connect remotely to this computer” check box and click “OK”. Exit “Remote Settings” menu.


Click the “Start” menu again, type “command” in the box and click on “Command Prompt”. This will open MS-DOS on your computer quickly. Type “ipconfig” appears when the DOS prompt and press “Enter”. Copy your IP address, generated in the DOS.

Setting up Remote Desktop Lite



Make sure the Wi-Fi on your device, 3G or EDGE RDP and run the application.


Enter your information in the Windows IP 1 Leave the default port number for RDP. And user’s password only when Windows is protected by a password. Click on “Connect”. At this point you are connected to remote access to the desktop.


Locate your computer desktop with the finger touch interface.


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