How to Clean the Screen on your iPod Touch

How to Clean the Screen on your iPod Touch. We’ve already told you how to replace the back of your iPod Touch and its screen. But with all that finger tapping and shoving it into your backpack or pocket, what if your screen just needs a really good cleaning? Cleaning the screen on your iPod Touch is actually very easy! Here’s how to do it.

First, find a soft and smooth cloth that won’t scratch the screen on your precious iPod Touch (old socks work great!) Then take a bottle of glass cleaner, such as Windex, and apply a few sprays onto only a part of the cloth. With this wet part, gently wipe the screen of your iPod Touch using small, circular motions. Once finished, use the dry part of the cloth and use the same motion to wipe off any excess cleaner and to get rid of any streaks left on the screen. Voila! Your screen on your iPod Touch should be as clean as the day you got it!

Please watch video below to guide you on cleaning your ipod touch screen:

This method of cleaning your iPod Touch will also work for cleaning the back of your device. Just always be sure that you wipe the screen entirely clean of any glass cleaner or else you could end up damaging your iPod Touch. And the next thing you need to do is to buy a case for your iPod. These cases will always keep your iPod Touch well protected and will also prevent scratches, which are a bit more difficult to fix. And of course, be a little more careful when you’re tap-tap-tapping and maybe wipe the screen clean after you’re done with it. Thanks for coming on this blog.

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