finger drums! for iPod Touch

We’ve all tapped away at the keyboards using our iPod Touch but if you’ve got more of a drummer inside of you that’s waiting to be unleashed, then you might want to try downloading the finger drums! app for your iPod Touch. This app is just what it says it is. It’s a drum set that you can play, with just the tips of your fingers.

The app is so simple that the only description given for it in iTunes is ‘It’s LOUD!!!’ Simple can be good, and sometimes you don’t want a bunch of features and functions cluttering up the screen and making apps confusing. That’s something you certainly don’t have to worry about with this app. It’s so simple that you just open up the app and start tapping away at the drums with your fingers. And that’s really all there is. There’s no options, you can’t even change the background or the style of drums that you use. You just tap, tap, tap, and hopefully are happy with that.

When we first looked at this app, we thought that the volume must have made it all worth it. After all, that is the only feature within the app, and it’s the only description the developers could come up with. Not only that, but lots of users have left reviews in iTunes agreeing that while the app may be simple, it is indeed loud. After downloading the app to try for ourselves however, we were shocked at how quiet it is! The only loud part of it is the cymbal and the other parts of the drum you can barely hear at all, having the hold the iPod right up to your ear to hear it at all. And sometimes not even then.

We give this drumming app for the iPod Touch. But if you really love drumming, and your iPod is for some reason much louder than ours, you might want to try downloading this app here.

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