Layers – A Natural Media Painting App for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Layers – A Natural Media Painting App for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Layers is a very detailed painting and drawing program for the iPhone that allows users to create beautiful (depending on your talent) drawings and paintings right on your iPhone.

The creators took the feedback from hundreds of mobile artists (who knew there was such a genre) and put those features into the application that were most requested.

layers app for iphone

The iPhone Layers application features some great features, most notably: Layers. The application supports up to 5 layers for the artist to work with. This should allow artists much more freedom and the ability to draw the background and foreground on different layers and be independent of one another.

The use of your finger as an art utensil is a very interesting one that layers does a very good job at making it easy to do. The ability to have different size brushes and to change color easily make this application an absolute joy to use. An eyedropper is available to select colors so that you can just select the color instead of having guess which color you drew the duck.

All in all, Layers seems to be the best app store offering in terms of digital art. The creations that I have seen drawn in it are astonishing (by those with real talent I am sure).

Check it out available in the IOS App Store now for $4.99. Grab it below:

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