Free iPod Touch Apps for Socialising; PingChat

One of the fantastic features of the iPod Touch and iPhone devices is that they are able to communicate over the internet and this gives them amazing capabilities to allow social applications. One of the best apps for keeping in touch with your friends is something called PingChat which is available free of charge for both iPod Touch and iPhone.

The idea behind PingChat is that you are able to send messages and files to your friends that also have the applcation free of charge over Wi-Fi on the iPod Touch or 3G on the iPhone. The best thing about the app is that you can send as many messages as you like and they will be received by your friends instantly on the other end just like an instant messenger. The app even works if the person on the receiving end isn’t currently using the app as it sends a push notification to inform them.

As well as this, it is also possible to send files over the PingChat app including photos and videos. You can also send audio and contacts though the system as well and even share your location with your friends. The app is also available for Blackberry and other devices meaning that you are able to communicate with your friends even if they have a Blackberry or other device using your iPod Touch. The app is available completely free of charge and is extremely simple to use. It is especially good if you have an iPod Touch rather than an iPhone.

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