Turn Your IPad Into A Camera

Turn Your IPad Into A Camera. Using your iPad as a camera has sparked controversy, most notably, it being a love/hate choice; either you love turning your iPad into a serious piece of photography kit, or, you completely detest the idea all together, finding it difficult to fathom why anyone would choose to point and shoot with a tablet.

However, If you’re of the former variety, here are some of the very best photography accessories to transform your iPad, or, of course, to tempt you to convert.


This full feature photo editor is a great addition for anyone keen on snapping away with their iPad. As a serious contender to Adobe Photoshop apps, Photogene is respected by serious photographers and understood by amateurs alike. It combines proficient editing tools alongside fun features to create a tool which is not only going to enhance your photography, but also provide a bit of light-hearted entertainment. For instance the collage feature adds another dimension to what could be just another photo editor, and instead makes it an all-round photography iPad package.

Fish eye lens

It’s not just apps that create great pictures; physical additions for your iPad also help to create professional looking images using your iPad. A fish eye lens is just one of them, and a great beginner option. Before long, you’ll have a collection of lenses for every scene, purpose and image. An accessory such as this really is crossing the line between iPad and DSLR.


As a longstanding app, Camera+ is an easy to use program packed with features. It uses effects to assist you when taking photos, as well as featuring a range of editing tools post photo. It includes standard tools such as crop, editing and a vast selection of filters, as well as more advanced features added recently, including a horizon level tool to straighten photos automatically and real time exposure information.


Now you’re evolving into a serious iPad photographer with great photos and enhancement tools at your finger tips, you’ll start to get all annoyed about things such as lighting and composition. LightTrac can help with the lighting, giving you advice on the perfect time to take that photo. By being able to plan outdoor photography ahead of time you’re one step closer to getting the perfect image every time you point and shoot. The iPad is now smarter than a DSLR, not only having the equipment to take fabulous photos, but the science to time it perfectly to enjoy the right light.


For a less technical app, but by no means less useful, TabStrap is the perfect companion for anyone who wants their iPad at hand and ready to go. It’s not only actual cameras that can be slung round your neck ready for inspiration to take hold, TabStrap keeps iPads safely in place over your shoulders so you’re only ever a second away from snapping the perfect image. There is nothing worse than having to fumble around for a camera, or having to carry it in your hand, only for the moment to have gone before you’ve even had the shutter off. Now it’s not a problem anymore, if you don’t mind being the type of person who has their iPad hanging over their shoulder.

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  1. Which lenses are available for the iPad V3? Most that I’ve seen for the iPhone assume a camera with a flat back; the camera on the iPad V3 is on a part of the iPad that has a curved slope, so the various lenses sold for the iPhone really don’t fit well

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