Sync Photos to the iPad and Get an Instant Digital Photo Frame!

Imagine propping up your iPad on your desk at work every day and having a customized slide show in a digital photo frame. Or, being able to whip out your iPad to show everyone how much fun you had on vacation, wherever and whenever you want. The iPad, in addition to being an e-book reader, a music player, and anything else you need, the iPad is a great way to show off your most prized photos. But first, you need to know how to sync photos to your iPad.

Start by plugging your iPad into your computer and allowing the automatic sync to take place. When the management screen pops up that shows you what’s on your device, click on the “Photos” tab which is shown at the top. Under this tab, you’ll also see a box at the top that says “Sync photos.” Make sure this box is checked. After that, you’ll have a choice through a drop-down menu, of the photos on your computer that you want to sync. You can either select individual photos, an entire gallery, or a folder or subfolders. 

Once all of your settings are set the way you want them, and everything looks to be checked to be synced with your iPad, click the “Apply” button and sync your iPad again. Then, slide the arrow on your iPad’s screen to unlock it, and press the Home screen button. Choose “Photos” and you’ll be able to see all of the photos you just synced onto your iPad, clearly organized and ready for viewing!

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