A Review of KyTekHTMLEditor App for iPhone and iPad

Formerly called Papyrus, the KyTekHTMLEditor for iPad and iPhone allows you to download HTML documents for text editing from Google docs alone. Its price of 9.99 dollars is reasonable, as you get both iPad and iPhone versions. It does not offer FTP support, and adding new items such as a new list or linking existing text is hard without getting into the HTML, thereby frustrating the purpose. It is useful for specific users such as a Google documents editor, and not for Web designers. It does not give color coding, code hints and code completion.

HTMl Editor App for iPhone

KyTekHTMLEditor iphone app does not possess the standard features expected in a HTML editor inclusive of syntax highlighting, HTML validation and tag completion. It has a mode where all HTML tags can be stripped out to edit the text alone. It is by no means a WYSIWYG, but is a list of text present in the HTML document.

The iTunes screen shots show documents with slight formatting. But, they couldn’t be shown in my pages probably because I used external style sheets of the document, instead of inline styles with deprecated tags. Lists and links were present, but I found no other means for adding new links, editing the link location or adding new list items apart from the HTML editor. Further, it has no help options for tags and doesn’t have shortcuts to get certain tags into your document.
It has no support for resizing text. Moreover, while using Bluetooth keyboard, it was not possible to move about the document with the arrow keys. The tap-hold gesture for getting the spyglass or select menu also didn’t work with the Bluetooth keyboard attachment.

Though KyTekHTMLEditor has no HTML editor, it checks the tags, while converting the HTML document to plain text for editing. The error messages are not precise. There were only name tags such as html, head, style, title, body, p, h1, h2, u1 and1i in my document, but it warned me of unrecognized tags. After returning from preview for more editing, all the text was sort of blanked out by the editor. So, I’m not very confident of the editor.

KyTekHTMLEditor app is not useful to Web designers because it allows download and upload of documents from Google Docs only. FTP transfer to other systems is not possible. You must host all Web pages on the Google Docs to enable editing with KyTekHTMLEditor.
As it works only for editing Google Docs text files, it is not recommended as a HTML editor for an iPhone or iPad.

Download this HTML Editor for iPhone Here.

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