iPhone OS 3.0: The Scintillating Advanced Mobile Platform

Apple had recently presented blueprint for a new operating system called iPhone OS 3.0. This is the next version after their last OS 2.0 and it is right now considered one of the most advanced mobile platforms. Besides previewing the innovative features of this software Apple gave the members of iPhone Developer Program (third party) immediate access to the new OS 3.0 software beta and an updated Software Development Kit (SDK) having over 1000 entirely new APIs. Now the third party iPhone developers can use this platform and software for more advanced applications and take the usage experience of iPhone to the next level.

With the iPhone OS 3.0 the users of iPhone are just getting better facilities and this software arrives this summer to introduce more than 100 new features in it which would include some excellent features like the ability to better search your iPhone, sent photos, audio files, contacts and location via MMS, cut, copy and past features in more updated versions, reading, composing, text messages and email in landscape. And the SDK will have nearly 1,000 new APIs for developers.

The new platform gives the new SDK which will enable third party developers to develop iPhone Programs that can build applications which would be able to do better. Developers will have tools that will enable users to go for Apple app purchases – like additional game levels, subscriptions, new content and others. The iPhone Developer Programmer can also generate apps that connect peer to peer via Bluetooth for effective communication with hardware accessories, use Apple Push Notification service to provide alerts.

The new platform of iPhone OS 3.0 provides next generation innovative mobile application facilities that enable third party iPhone program developers to use the new OS 3.0 beta, iPhone SDK, and also the ability to test the developed application directly on iPhones. This is a good thing for developers to check the new application developed directly in the iPhone.

The iPhone SDK for this OS offers developers and users amazing range of techniques and technologies to develop and garner the functionality of iPhones and iPod Touch Applications. The new APIs have been developed to provide ample support for the hardware to communicate with other hardware accessories in a better way attached to the iPod Touch or iPhone.

The new apps of iPhone and the new OS provides one the options to sell extra content and services with the help of Store Kit Framework from one’s own application and thus keep a track and record of product catalogs, transactions and process the payment with iTunes Store. It also enables you to add multiple players for games via peer to peer network. Hence you can now take the complete pleasure and fun of using your iPhone for better connectivity and game communication. This application allows you not to communicate with other devices only just for games, but also communicate between other devices with requirement of Bluetooth-no pairing.
Thus the new iPhone OS 3.0 has been bliss for iPhone and iPod Touch users with so many functionalities and useful applications. There are more to it like Applu Push Notification, Map Kit Framework and others.

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