How To Get Photos off iPod Touch

How To Get Photos off iPod Touch

The iPod Touch is a terrific music device with a well-functioning camera. But, if for some reason you’ve found yourself wanting to remove a stock of photos stored on your iPhone Touch, you’ve probably also discovered this can be a tricky endeavor.

And given that you probably tried to perform this operation through iTunes – that was you first mistake.

Apple, due to copyright protection concerns, does not make it easy to remove photos from iPod devices, a policy that effectively renders these devices one-way instruments. Attempting to remove photos from an iPod Touch using the iTunes platform – that runs every other function – is an exercise in futility.

But there is a way To Get Photos off iPod Touch

What you’ll first want to do is connect your iPod Touch to your PC computer via USB cable. When you do this, an icon will appear for a new camera device under My Computer. Double click the icon – which may be shown as Apple iPod – and a file containing the photos will appear. The photos can then be copied onto the hard drive in normal fashion or emailed.

While you are doing this, it may not be possible to browse through sync’d photos and previews may not show up properly. If the folder will not update properly, to show the presence of new material, disconnect and re-connect the USB cable. This may solve the problem, but it may not. One work-around involves right clicking on Get Pictures from the camera device icon. In the Scanner and Camera Wizard, click through and iPod Touch images will appear in a Saved Photos file. From there, pictures can be copied.

Mac users will have to follow a slightly different formula to retrieve iPod Touch photos. Go to the Image Capture application after connecting the devices by USB cable. Download images selectively or as a whole.

The main difficulty in downloading pictures from an iPod Touch device is getting beyond the common assumption that the function must be performed through iTunes. These simple steps should get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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