Photovine – An Awesome Application for Sharing Photos

Photovine App for iPhone or iPod Touch

Photovine is based on discovery of new friends based on common interests and visions. The method chosen by Google to find them on this network is based on the concept of theme built by grouping the posted photos. Specifically, if a user posts a photo titled “Sunrise”, anyone can post pictures that match the theme chosen by the first user.

The basic concept of the Photovine application is “plant a photo and watch it grow”. An user posted a photograph on a particular subject, and his friends on other social networks can post images on the same topic. Photovine was actually created by Slide, but Google acquired Slide in August 2010, although Slide is still operating as a separate entity. Perhaps this is why Photovine was launched first for iOS than for Android.

The idea behind Photovine is very good: Users can work together to create galleries with common themes, each share their own photos with that theme, create new topics, and keep in touch with their friends. This is the premise at least.

The problem with this application is that it came a little late and offers too little to justify this delay. iPhone owners have benefited from services such as Instagram, which reached millions of active users. Another problem is the lack of integration, we imagine that this service could be better integrated with Google+, for you to see your pictures there, maybe the friends from Photovine to be in a similar circle and other automatically feature. Unfortunately, at least currently there is nothing like that. I am promoting such applications on my blog who talks about discount codes and istockphoto coupon discount and they are really efficient among iPhone users.

The application itself does its job quite well, although it feels ineffective. Not for nothing the edited effects for mobile phones are very popular, so a small editing feature here would surely not hurt but you don’t need to worry about that, applications does its job perfectly.

Another “problem” is that iPhone is exclusivity for iOS, well for iPhone users this may be a blessing. So, to share pictures with your friends and make them the same thing with you, they all must have an iPhone device, which is a little odd considering that the application comes from the giant behind Android phones, namely Google. Although the rumor is that will appear soon the Android version.

In conclusion, Photovine is a funny application for photo browsing and sharing, is a good idea with much potential. Of note here is that most users said they were very happy and begin to leave the competing services. So far the application was only in beta Photovine being able to create an account on an invitation only, but from now on you can use it without any restriction and is accessible by anyone with an iOS device.

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