6 Essentials For The IPad Mini

6 Essentials For The IPad Mini. If you’ve just unboxed your very own iPad mini, or are getting a bit jaded by your latest piece of tech, this essential guide to making the most out of the mini is just what you need. It’s all well and good downloading silly apps, playing games and browsing for hours on end, but the iPad is a powerful piece of kit, and can be used for a whole host of useful and essential tasks, such as these:

It’s Facebook’s best friend

iPad mini perfectly harnesses social media, but the first thing you need to do is synch your profiles with the iPad. It will make notifications, updates and interaction a breeze, with everything instantly sent to your iPad, and simple, smooth access to the Facebook app. It’s a small change in your setting which can make a massive difference for social lovers, especially if you still enjoy staying up to date with your feeds whilst on the go.

It’s a Kindle, too

The iPad mini is the perfect size to double up as a great book; hand held and compact; it will fit perfectly in your palm whilst cuddled onto the sofa. The Kindle app is free and gives you access to the latest, best and newest books, across all genres, ready to be enjoyed straight from your iPad. The Kindle store is perfect for discovering new and undiscovered talent, finally catching up on those literary greats and reading trashy, summer hits without anyone else on the bus knowing.

iCloud is essential

You’re going to be using your iPad mini a lot; taking pictures, finding new music, watching films, browsing, shopping and downloading documents – so you’re going to need a lot of storage. iCloud is included as an Apple customer, with the option to purchase more storage space if needed. Get into the habit of synching everything with cloud storage and keep all your vital documents, numbers, photos, favourite songs and most used Apps safe.

Stuff should be printed

The iPad mini is great for playing with creative Apps such as editing photos, taking perfect shots and painting, making collages or finding great images. Storing it all up on your tablet is only a waste. We’ve got so used to digital that we print our documents, photos and creations less and less. The iPad mini has a printing function which connects to local printers quickly and easily, meaning anytime you snap the perfect image, find a great photo or want to show off your images, go ahead – print and share in the real world, too.

Siri is more than a bit of fun

When Siri first hit our Apple devices it was a lot of fun. However, now she’s a lot more sophisticated, smooth and useful. Of course, you can ask questions until your heart’s content, but you can also request functions, which is great when you need to keep your hands free. It’s perfect for anyone who travels frequently; just ask for tourist information points before you’re even off the train, and it’s also great for people who like to continue working on the go; open spreadsheets, documents and send emails, all without lifting a finger – literally.

Get your work done!

Asides from having fun with the iPad mini, everyone should make the most out of its productivity functions. Even those who don’t take work home with them, or people who are content using their laptop or PC can try out a few features, but be careful – you might just get hooked. Use schedulers and organisers to ensure you never miss a meeting or deadline. Get a keyboard so you can always type efficiently even whilst on the go and ensure all emails are getting sent to your iPad to allow yourself to stay up to date with work and friends, no matter where you are.

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