4 Essential IPad Accessories For Style, Protection And Functionality

Essential IPad Accessories For Style, Protection And Functionality. Your iDevice cost you a pretty penny, so you always take care of it to keep it scratch and smudge free.  Fortunately there are a bunch of products on the market that can help you with that.  Here are a few to consider purchasing to keep your new iPad 2 shiny and intact as well as a couple of tools that make using your iPad easier.


iPad Dock

iPad Docks are used to easily access the dock connector port for charging or synchronizing with other devices. The audio line-out port is used to connect to the powered speakers. It also supports many other accessories like Camera Connection Kit, dock connector to VGA Adaptor, and a volume of other devices. Of course, it helps to stand the iPad vertically and connect to the TV.


You can place the slim keyboard anywhere (on your table, lap) and carry it along; with some models being foldable and water resistant. There are iPad 2 specific function keys used for answering calls, opening messages and scheduling tasks. Typing directly on the touch screen may not appeal to all. Typing on actual keys is way more comfortable. There are wireless keyboards connected through Bluetooth. This is one of the most popular accessories to buy with an iPad.

iPad 2 Hard Case

As much as we try to be careful, iPads fall down and break. Considering all factors like everyday use, unsafe storage places (that includes placing the iPad on the sofa, dining table, bed, TV stand), and the fact that more than one person might have access to it and the increasing utility of the device, it’s not surprising.  But you don’t want to cover your new toy, do you?

The primary reason why no one wants to enclose their device is because most hard cases look extremely un-aesthetic. What’s the fun in carrying a beautiful Apple product if you have to enclose it in a hideous box? Well, there are a few products in the market that not only protects your adored device but also enhance and complement its beauty with added benefits.

There are products available that are water resistant, shock absorbent, with dual shells giving extra protection when dropped. The device can be made to sleep when the folio is closed. And when the materials used in the case are high quality, you have a product that can only enhance the value of your iPad.

Other than an iPad 2 hard case, there are flexible ones, cases made of natural material like rubber and sleeve cases to give protection from scratch, dirt, dust and dents. You cannot afford not to buy one if you care for your iPad.

Screen Protector

Even if Apple claims scratch-proof screens, it is often difficult to maintain and avoid damage when the device is used consistently for a period of time. So, buying a high quality screen protector could be one of first things you should buy for your iPad. You want the 124 x 768 resolution, 132ppi gorgeous display to be free of any fingerprints, dust or scratches. The smooth, thin film protector can be easily applied the screen, and it doesn’t impede its touch sensitivity.

If you’ve recently purchased your iPad 2, think about protecting it a little more.  If you don’t think you need it, ask your friends who have one how easily it gets beat up.  And if it’s going to be heavily used, consider purchasing some add-ons like the keyboard to make it easier on you!

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